Flying Bar W Bucking Bulls
   Flying Bar W Bucking Bulls


Owning bucking bulls has quickly become an industry many people have wanted to be involved in.


Location, facilities, or prior commitments may prevent you from pursuing this endeavor.  You can still own part or full ownership in great animals & watch them grow & perform when partnering with Flying Bar W Bucking Bulls.


We can help you make your dream become reality!


A) Purchase part ownership in a bull

B) Purchase full ownership in a bull.  We will take care of, work with, haul & promote your bull.

C) If you already own bulls, but you aren't set up to handle them, we can take them & put them on a good feed program, work & handle them, buck & promote them for you.  

We are here to help you & answer any questions you may have.  Don't hesitate to give us a call.



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